Exhibitions 2007 -2013
A collaboration between American Association of Wood workers and the
International Society of Glass Beadmakers
Woodworker : Mr. Robert Thompson
Beadmaker :Nina "Sam" Hibler
Metamorphosis: The life cycle of a Bead
This juried Exhibit showcased the unique and innovative works of 44 artist from the
United States,Japan,New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  The pieces were
selected based on the creative and inventive use of glass, unique style, concept, technical
proficiency and distinction in glass object design.
The Exhibit traveled from the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh PA to Evoke Gallery
in St.Paul MN
Leaves - A Moment of Glory

Leaves unfurling in the spring,tender
and new represent rebirth,life
returning. Growing
stronger,sheltering, yet their true
colors are veiled by green. Fall comes
finally revealing their hidden
beauty.A moment of glory
Then leave return to the earth to
nourish the next year's birth.
These leave celebrate the
moment of

Glass beads and Necklace
by Nina "Sam" Hibler

The necklace is now privately owned
All Rights reserved: Nina "Sam" Hibler 2009-2013
The International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) challenged members to Think
outside of the ‘box’ and put your piece in a box
Out of the Box
Fanta- Sea Dive

I wanted to create an "Out of the Box"
experience captured and held in a box.
Fanta-sea dive is a small diorama
representing the
 This inhabitant of the sea is
known as the Christmas tree worm.
Nature's beauty is impossible to copy.
This is my artistic interpretation.
In the collection of Dr.V Bucay
Perspectives 2009
Perspectives: Traditions and Innovations in Glass Beads

This juried exhibit presented by ISGB, represents the
endlessly captivating styles, techniques, and processes used in
contemporary glass beadmaking. Unique color, form, and textural
elements were combined to highlight the infinite possibilities of
glass, as expressed by our members. Artists were encouraged to
create a bead that best captured their inspiration, innovation, and
personal “voice.”
link to slide show of this exhibition
                           Nina "Sam" Hibler and Liza Connell

            We designed this necklace for     Persephone as a
reminder of her ;lot in life the good and the bad.
One side of the necklace cascades with spring flowers
flowing into the bounty of summer berries. These are the
symbols of Earth flourishing with life and nourishment
during the time Demeter and Persephone are together.
The other side of the necklace is filled with pomegranate
seeds, sweet, juicy, irresistible and the cause of her
imprisonment. Fall leaves, glass and precious metal clay,
transition changing colors into winters barren stark grey
leaves dangling lifeless as Persephone returns to the
underworld. This piece is available contact Sam
Gaudi : by Peggy Potts and Nina "Sam" Hibler
Artists were challenged to make a piece that reflects  
elements of art that moves them. Peggy and I are both
enthralled by Gaudi's Architecture and style.
This piece is available.
Large Disk just under 2 inches in diameter.25 inch thick.

The piece is named Beauty because I believe it is in our
perceived imperfection our beauty lies.
It is the layers of our lives that make the sum total of who
we are.
This is the beginning of a series of pieces exploring
stratification and erosion and how it relates to the human
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