Exhibitions 2014-Present
Fusion: Fiber & Glass 2017
This series is called Touched.
These pieces explore stratification and erosion and how it relates
to the human experience.
I believe it is in our perceived imperfection that our beauty lies.
It is the layers of our lives that make the sum total of who we are.
Touched  is a play on words; as the experiences in our lives  
“touch” us and these beads beg to be touched and in fact are  
enhanced by being handled.
Hands of the Maker 2015

Hands of the Maker ask each artist to write a statement about their hands.

When I was a child a gypsy took my hand and after glancing across the lines
already there she pronounced I was an old soul. My hands seemed to tell a tale
much older than my years. It is only natural that these hands would be used to
create works that tell the stories map out in those lines. My hands have never
been pretty. They bear the marks of hard use. They are my well-worn tools.
When I am winding molten glass moving it, sculpting in the flame, my hands
cannot touch the glass but they are the instruments through which my vision
flows. We use our hands to pray. Creating with my hands is my daily prayer.
All of the art included in “embodiment”
was chosen based on craftsmanship,
aesthetic beauty, originality/creativity,
and realization of the concept of
embodiment meaning a tangible or visible
form of a specific idea, quality or feeling.
Thread Series

The call for an Exhibition that combined the
soft fluidity of fiber and the frozen fluidity of
glass sparked and idea
I have been exploring ways to express the
human condition.
Threads woven together make fabric. Our
experiences and people who pass through
our lives are the threads woven together to
make the fabric that is our lives.

This pieces are part of a series inspired by
the colors in spools of cotton crochet thread.
Like many who "make" I enjoy crocheting. The
textures and colors of yarn & thread inspire
me. I love the use of simple pure color it  
evokes memories and expresses emotions