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Dream Fire Glass Frit
COE     90
                               Dream Fire Glass Frit is COE 90
                             Compatible with Bulleye Brand Rod.
    These beautiful Frits are blends of colors that "play well" together.
    After many years of researching what reaction different colors
    have when melted together Sam created these frit blend. These frits
    are blended to give you the colors you want and minimize the
    reactions that you do not want. For 90 COE glass only
    Frit can be purchaced in 2 ounce containers only
    Contact Sam to order your frit. Pay Pal invoices are the only on line
    or phone options. You do not need a pay pal account to pay.
Evening Primrose
Pale delicate pinks
2oz $6.50  Plus Shipping
Robust almost in your face hot pink
2oz $6.50  Plus Shipping

    Frit Blends contain striking colors so the frit
    color look different before melting.The
    finished beads show the Struck color.
    Most beads were made with *Bulleseye brand
    *0137 French Vanilla and encased in *1101

    Payments:  by Pay Pal
    Or Credit card

    Shipping will be by USPS priority mailers
    Shipping cost will be calculated when order is
    Right now I'm only shipping to the US

Because of my schedule orders will have to be by:
 E-mail or call 210-342-3473 if you have
More frit will be added soon
Deep blend of purples
2oz $6.50  Plus Shipping
Blue Jean Baby
The hues of blue jeans & hint of sparkle
2oz $5.00  Plus Shipping
Texas Mountain Laurel
Just like the plant purples and greens
2oz $6.50   Plus Shipping
Late Summer
Yellows & Oranges with a hint of green
2oz  $5.00  Plus Shipping
Rolling in Clover
Blend of greens with sparkle
2oz  $5.00  Plus Shipping
Margarita Mix
Limes, tequila & sparkle - No you can't drink it
2oz  $5.00  Plus Shipping
Troubled Waters
Blues & greens with a hint of  "swirling water"
2oz  $5.00  Plus Shipping