Olson Style Mask

Mask are $10.00 each or 3 for $25.00
Shipping for up to 3 masks $5.00

This style mask is named is after the legendary nurse Mae Olson. It was developed by clinicians from UnityPoint
Health. This cloth face mask has 3 layers for your protection. I have made a few modifications to the pattern for
comfort & protection.
The outside layer is a cotton or cotton blend. The second layer is a safe fusible non-woven interfacing that has
been ironed to backside of the outer fabric. This gives the outer layer of your mask a breathable but less
penetrable layer and helps it hold its shape. The 3rd layer of fabric, inside next to your face, is a soft cotton or
cotton blend  shirting material or quilt material. This 3rd layer has opening on either side to form a pocket. You
can put another layer in this pocket if you need to, folded Kleenex or a new coffee filter. It is optional to add a
filter, as these masks have 3 layers.
For your comfort the 2 bands of elastic go around your head not just your ears. Some of the masks                        
( woman/teen) have a cloth band for your neck to keep the elastic from tangling in your hair. If the elastic is too
loose you can adjust it.
There is a wire (in a casing channel) to keep the mask on your nose and to form a good seal. This is the part that
goes over the bridge of your nose, once your mask is on, adjust this wire for a tight fit by pressing it down around
your nose bending the wire with your fingers. The wire is washable – do not remove it to wash the mask.
Channel to replace nose wire

Pocket open on both sides
Women & Teens
Small to Medium size