Workshop Details and Photos
Below are photos and descriptions of the workshops for January - December

When considering where to take your bead making workshop ask these questions.
How many students will be in a class? What kind of experience does the instructor
have? Does the studio have proper ventilation and safety procedures?

I would love to have you visit our Studio and take a class with me!

    Beadmaking I

     Introduction to Glass Beadmaking
    Glass Beadmaking is an ancient art form. This workshop will explore
     the art of making glass beads. Safety, studio set-up and beginning
    bead making techniques will be covered. Students will each have a
    workstation with a Hot Head Torch, tools and soft glass supplied.
    Each student will make and take home several beads including
    donut beads, cylinder beads, textured beads, round bead,
    dichroic glass bead; Decorative techniques including dots,
    stringer and frit will also be introduced.

    One Day 9 am to 5:30       $145.00
    Skill level: Beginning
    No experience required

    Beadmaking II

     In the beadmaking II workshop you will expand your beginning
     bead making skills. The goal of this workshop is to learn skills
    used to create a well constructed bead with depth and interest.
    Techniques covered in this workshop are: Applying and
    encasing fine silver foil, dichroic glass, stringer and cane.
    Shaping glass with heat and tools will be covered as well as
    an introduction to duel fuel torches and annealing kilns.
    Students will use these techniques to make silver foil encased
     beads, the “gob-stopper” and a puffy heart bead

    One Day 9 am to 5:30       $145.00
    Skill level: Beginning
    Experience required: Beadmaking 1

    Torch work for the Fuser
    This workshop will introduce kilnforming students to the
     wonderful world of flame working! Flame worked elements   
    add a new and unique dimension to fused glass. The workshop
     begins with a brief introduction to both the Hot Head and
     Minor Burner torches. After a review of basic safety, students
    will learn how to pull stringer and create simple latticinos.
     Basic off-mandrel techniques will also be covered.
    By the end, you will be a pro at making elements
    to enhance your fused glass!

    One Day 9 am to 5:30                   $150.00
    Skill level: Beginning –
    Must have prior  fusing experience

     Make & Take  Bracelet
    This is a make and take workshop.
    Students will learn to make chain links and simple wiring
    techniques to attach beads as you create your own bracelet.
    The hot new trend in jewelry is mixing different metals all in one piece
    of jewelry. We will be using mixed metals (silver, copper, brass)
    lampworked beads,crystals and fun charms in our bracelets.
    The basic kit is included in the workshop price.
    Extra beads  will be available.
    No experience necessary just have fun and
    then wear your one of a kind  Bracelet home.

    Half Day check times                $95.00
    Skill level: Beginning        NON- torch
    No experience required


     In this one day workshop students will learn several different
     ways to make hearts. We will make puffy hearts, winged hearts,
     flat heart and decorate they inside and out.
    Student will also learn to make heart shaped surface decorations  

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $145.00      Tutorial half day $100.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

      One Day Hollow Beads
    Hollow beads are big beautiful and light as air.
     In this workshop students will learn to construct hollow beads
     on a regular mandrel, decorate them with stringers,
     precious metals and more.
    Just for fun we will make a hollow fish to practice this new skill.

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $145.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

       Fiesta Beads
    Everyone loves a Fiesta wear a party around your neck.
    In this one day class you will learn to make several different types
     of bright colorful Fiesta bead. Star Piñata’s, Flamenco skirts,
    colorful disks and lots of color combinations that will get you
    in a festive mood. Techniques students will learn are disk making,
    Stacking dots to create stars and sculptural beads.

    This is a fun way to learn how to develop your technical mastery
     of dots and working in and out of the flame and heat control.  

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $145.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

       One Day Murrini
    Student will learn multiple techniques and make several kinds of murrini.
     We will use optic molds to make simple murrini. Then we will move on
     to hand building our own special murrinni. The possibilities are endless!
     We will work small to take advantage of the time we have but when
     you work at home the size you make is only limited by the size of your
     torch and  kiln! Planning, creating, cutting and applying
    murrini will be demonstrated. Each student will make
    several murrini to take home and trade with fellow students.

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $150.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    
    Color Chemistry
    Color reactions & glass chemistry secrets will be revealed in this class.
    Flame chemistry adds a new dimension to what you can do with silver,
    copper and reactive glass. Wondering how to get those amazing
    color reactions with Bullseye  glass. Want to know just what to do with
    the lustres and reactive glass?  The focus will be on Bullseye  glass
    reactive colors and copper and silver leaf. This exciting workshop will
    introduce you to working with glass that chemically reacts during the
    beadmaking  process. These reactions create fantastic effects that will
    make your beads stand out.

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $150.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

    Chambered Beads
    In this workshop students will learn the skills need to create their
    own chambered beads. The skills are as follows: Long tubular beads,
             controlling  stringer, thin linear encasing and the  particular encasing
     style use to make the Chambers in this bead. Student will learn a great
    deal about heat control and the physics of melting glass. They will learn
     make a perfectly shaped bead using heat control and gravity.

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $145.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

    Twist and Shout
    This one day workshop is all about twisted cane and the beautiful
    beads you can make with them.
    Students will learn how to make several complex twisted canes
    Latticino, Reticello and Zanfirico. You will be amazed at the
    cane you will pull in this workshop. The next step will be to use
    them to make some spectacular beads. We will make encased beads
    and disks with the canes made in the workshop.
    This is a fun workshop and the techniques presented have endless
    possibilities for you beads.

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $145.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

    Dichroic Beads : Joy of Dicho
    Want to add subtle sparkle or down right knock your socks off
    bling then this is the workshop for you!
    In this two day Workshop students will learn how to work with
    dichroic glass. Students will learn to cut, cleaning and identifying
    colors of dichroic glass.
    You will learn to pull dichroic stringer, ribbon and twisted cane.
    The class will make test beads with several different colors of dichroic
    glass on transparent, black and white and patterned beads.
    On day two we will get to see the test beads and how the dichroic
    colors vary from bead to bead.
    Student will make dichroic stringer and cane and fun things
    to do with them. We finish up with dichroic noodles and how
    to have the dichroic coating stay intact when exposed to the flame
    (dichro out) This is a fun and challenging 2 day class

    Two Day 9 am to 5:30           $225.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

    Sculptural Flowers
    Imagine a garland of flowers that will never fade or wilt. I
    n this two day workshop you will be sculpting with fire making
    your own glass flowers. Flowers of all types will be created on
    mandrels to allow you to use them in your jewelry.
    Student will learn to sculpt glass, create new colors through
    blending and layering, how to embellish for a natural look,
    construction and composition tips and tricks.
    You will leave this workshop with a new appreciation of
    heat control and a bunch beautiful flowers.

    One Day 9 am to 6:00           $200.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

    Encased Flowers
    Love to stop and smell the flowers?
    This is an intensive one day workshop. You will learn to
    "grow a garden" right on your beads. We will start with simple
    dot flowers and encased plunge/bubble flowers. Students will learn
    make petal and vine stringer which they will use to
    "paint" raised flowers on the surface of their beads.
    We will learn to lay down the landscape of your garden  
    with foils and dichroic glass to make beads with depth and interest.
    The final bead will be encased in clear and include
    all the beautiful elements we have learned throughout the day.

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $150.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

    Student will learn to make and customize leaves of all sizes
    using simple tools, leaf presses and more. Color blending of glass,
    using dichroic glass to enhance, shaping and a variety of ways to
    attach leaves for functional with shanks and loops. This workshop
    will get you making leaves that will go well with sculptural flowers,
    juicy berries or just look great by themselves

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $150.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

    Learn the secrets of the fabulous juicy glass berries featured in
    Sam’s award winning necklaces. This will be an intense
    1 day workshop. Students will learn glass color blending
    enhanced with dichroic glass,
    shaping, and a  variety of ways to attach berries for functional
    use in you jewelry or fusing. Students will make raspberries,
    blackberries, blueberries and strawberries,
    to name a few. Sam will share the secret to creating a variety of
    berries that have a ripe and "juicy" appearance.
    Techniques covered will include sculpture, heat control,
    dichroic glass, custom color blending, and touch on enamels.

    One Day 9 am to 5:30           $150.00
    Skill level: All
    Torch Experience required    

    Take Leaves and Berries and receive a discount

    Blown Vessels $ Stopper
    Want to make a beautiful small vessel or perfume bottle ?
    In this workshop students will learn to make a vessel
    using a small blowpipe.
    They will also learn to make a stopper to fit  their vessel.
    We may even make a few blown shells just for fun !

    One Day 9 am to 6:00           $200.00
    Skill level: Intermediate -Advanced
    Torch Experience required    

    Blown Hollow  Beads 2 Day
    Learn to make really big beads that are light as a feather.
    Once we review the regular hollow beads students will
    take it up a notch to make the biggest hollow bead you can imagine.
    Using the puffy mandrel we will see just how spectacular
    a hollow bead can get. We will paint them enamels them and cover
    them in precious metals. New materials and decorative techniques
    will be explored along with lots of  heat control.

    Two Day 9 am to 5:30           $225.00
    Skill level: Intermediate -Advanced
    Torch Experience required    

    Murrini Making- Advanced
    This workshop explores the miniature world of murrini and cane.
    Students will learn to create murrini that represents elements of an  image.
    Bring a color copy of a photo or picture containing elements
    you want to represent. We will be using Bullseye COE 90 glass
    to create murrini to be used in beads or fused pieces.
    Students will be introduced to simple to intermediate murrini
    making, application of murrini to fused pieces or beads. Fusing
    skills- tack fusing and full fusing of murrini,  Beadmaking
    skills-placing, melting, encasing murrini, shaping and manipulation
    of murrini in the flame. This workshop is perfect for kiln formers
    who want to make their work completely unique, and/or beadmakers
    who want to learn these skills to elevate their craft.

    5 Days                                       $450.00
    3 Evenings 6:30-9:30 pm      Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm
    Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced                Torch Experience required    

    Perfecting the Art
    The goal of this 7 week seminar is to improve your bead making skills.
    Students will review basic bead shapes (disk, donut, round, olive,
    cylinder, and hollow). Perfecting these basic shapes will give you
    a repertoire of canvases on which to create. We will work on
    basic decorative techniques to enhance your beads.
    We will learn the effects of a beads shape, color, texture/decorations
    on the overall design of a bead set or piece of jewelry.
    Students will be introduced to color as a tool both in design and expression.
    Students will get lots of practice both  in  the classroom
    and as homework and  receive useful instructor led  group critique.
    The final product will be to design and execute sets of bead for finished pieces of jewelry.

    7 weeks 6pm to 9:30pm       $585.00            Skill level: By invitation